ADF Dedicant Path Documentation – Dedicant Oath Ritual – Performed at Chrysalis Moon 2014

Pre-Ritual Briefing Opening Celebrants line up to process to ritual area. “You have not arrived here by chance.  You put yourself on this path long ago and tonight we will walk some of it together.  Welcome to this dedication rite.” Process. Purification Asperge celebrants with water as they enter the ritual space. Offering to the... Continue Reading →

ADF Dedicant Path Documentation – Dedicant Oath Rite Review

I performed my Dedicant Oath Rite at Chrysalis Moon on July 12, 2014.  When I first started thinking about when and where I wanted to perform the ceremony, I knew that I did not want to do it alone.  I felt it was something that I should do with people that were important to me... Continue Reading →

ADF Dedicant Path Documentation – Two Powers

The Two Powers are deceptively simple.  They interweave throughout the hallows of the sacred center and the elements.  They link with everything and just as you think you have a handle on them, a new association appears.  This was one of the more complicated essays to write. My experience with the Two Powers started simply... Continue Reading →

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