CTP-Prelim Intention Letter

Clergy Council Members, Being a member of any religion’s clergy was not something I ever dreamed of doing as a child even though it does seem to run in the family. My father was a Wesleyan pastor from the time I was born until I was 11 years old.  At that time, the clergy of... Continue Reading →

CTP Prelim – Indo-European Mythology

1.List and discuss the major primary sources for the mythology of three Indo-European cultures, including their dates of origin and authorship (if known). Discuss any important factors that may cause problems in interpreting these sources, such as the existence of multiple revisions, or the presence of Christian or other outside influences in surviving texts. (minimum... Continue Reading →

CTP Prelim – Indo-European Studies I

Describe several of the factors that define a culture as Indo-European and how those defining factors are useful in understanding that culture. (minimum 300 words). “Indo-European” (IE) is first and foremost a linguistic classification.  It covers a group of languages that are thought to have derived from the same Proto-Indo-European (PIE) root language (Mallory 18). ... Continue Reading →

CTP Prelim – Liturgy I

Define ritual, especially as the term applies to religious and spiritual work. (minimum 200 words) In Neo-Pagan Rites, Isaac Bonewits defines ritual as “any ordered sequence of events, actions, and/or directed thoughts, especially one that is meant to be repeated in the same manner each time, that is designed to produce and manage one or... Continue Reading →

CTP Prelim – Cosmology I

Describe the generation of the cosmos, and what is done in ADF ritual to ensure that the cosmos remains in order. (300 words min.) The generation of the cosmos during a ritual is like affixing a giant red arrow that says “You are here” a map of all of existence.  It lets celebrants know where... Continue Reading →

CTP Prelim – Law and The Church

List nine (9) laws, or as many as possible if less than nine, concerning clergy that you have found by searching your nearest municipality laws. By municipality, we mean on the village or town level. If there are none, then tell us how you found that out. I contacted the Elkhart City Clerk and was... Continue Reading →

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