Oracle of the Ancient Forest

Great news! My ogham deck, Oracle of the Ancient Forest, is now available for purchase. The box includes 25 ogham cards, a companion booklet, and a blue card bag. You can purchase the deck through Game Crafter here: Oracle of the Ancient Forest: An Ogham Deck If you would like to order in bulk for... Continue Reading →

Divination 2

Describe the geographical and temporal distribution of your chosen symbol set. If the symbol set was used cross-culturally, describe how each culture used your chosen symbol set. (min. 200 words) In his book Ogham: the Secret Language of the Druids, Rev. Skip Ellison estimates that the ogham writing system that is estimated to have appeared... Continue Reading →

Musing on Magic 1

What is Magic? Is it a psychological tool to help focus on a goal? Is it calling upon your ancestors for help and support? Is it petitioning a deity or deities to aid you in accomplishing some goal? Is it the ability to look forward and see signposts and obstacles to be heeded or overcome?... Continue Reading →

Cutting the Kitchen Clutter

It's time to conquer the kitchen! My "experiment" is over and it is time to clear out the kitchen stuff I don't use or need! I didn't realize I was such a kitchen gadget hound. Alton Brown would not be pleased with the number of unitaskers I have hidden in my cabinets..and drawers...and pantry. There... Continue Reading →

Away with the Unused Furniture!

After realising that I don't actually use a lot of my furniture I decided to sell what I don't use.  Enter Facebook Marketplace. I have had decent results thus far.  I have rid myself of 2 dressers, an armoire, and a small chest freezer.  The space that has opened up is fantastic and the extra... Continue Reading →

CTP-1 Trance 1

Define the following terms in your own words: “Trance,” “meditation,” and “hypnosis.” (min. 25 words per definition, dictionary definition does not count toward final word count.) Trance is an altered state of consciousness.  It is a mental and physical state that is different than the normal state we as humans function in most of the […]

Progress Report

Well, I have made some progress on my sorting.  I have already made two trips to Goodwill and set aside some things to sell.  For my own sanity I started a "review later" plastic container.  It contains things that I don't necessarily need, but I can't bring myself to get rid of yet.  I have also had... Continue Reading →


Every once in a while I look around my place, shake my head and think "Wow I have way too much stuff."  Invariably I start to sort, get a bit overwhelmed --- ok --- I find lots of cool things and never get around to the Grand Purge. I come from a long line of... Continue Reading →

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