“Training of the Mind” by Anada Mettya – Commentary

I recently read "Training of the Mind" by Anada Mettya aka Allen Bennett. Meditation and Mental Discipline is a hot topic right now and there is a lot of info out there: both good and, well...not so much. This piece was written in 1908, but holds up remarkably well. What follows is my commentary on... Continue Reading →

What is Will

"Will" is one of those small words that can have a tremendous impact on our creative lives. It is a mere four letters long with only three unique characters. This simplicity belies the richness of its meaning.                  • It can be a noun or a verb   ... Continue Reading →

Who are the Creatives?

When you hear the term "creative" who immediately springs to mind? A famous musician, artist, or author basking in the limelight and spending their millions and millions of dollars? The stereotypical starving artist eating beans and cheap ramen noodles struggling to survive as they pour their souls into their latest project in the hopes of... Continue Reading →

Oracle of the Ancient Forest

Great news! My ogham deck, Oracle of the Ancient Forest, is now available for purchase. The box includes 25 ogham cards, a companion booklet, and a blue card bag. You can purchase the deck through Game Crafter here: Oracle of the Ancient Forest: An Ogham Deck If you would like to order in bulk for... Continue Reading →

Divination 2

Describe the geographical and temporal distribution of your chosen symbol set. If the symbol set was used cross-culturally, describe how each culture used your chosen symbol set. (min. 200 words) In his book Ogham: the Secret Language of the Druids, Rev. Skip Ellison estimates that the ogham writing system that is estimated to have appeared... Continue Reading →

Musing on Magic 1

What is Magic? Is it a psychological tool to help focus on a goal? Is it calling upon your ancestors for help and support? Is it petitioning a deity or deities to aid you in accomplishing some goal? Is it the ability to look forward and see signposts and obstacles to be heeded or overcome?... Continue Reading →

Cutting the Kitchen Clutter

It's time to conquer the kitchen! My "experiment" is over and it is time to clear out the kitchen stuff I don't use or need! I didn't realize I was such a kitchen gadget hound. Alton Brown would not be pleased with the number of unitaskers I have hidden in my cabinets..and drawers...and pantry. There... Continue Reading →

Away with the Unused Furniture!

After realising that I don't actually use a lot of my furniture I decided to sell what I don't use.  Enter Facebook Marketplace. I have had decent results thus far.  I have rid myself of 2 dressers, an armoire, and a small chest freezer.  The space that has opened up is fantastic and the extra... Continue Reading →

CTP-1 Trance 1

Define the following terms in your own words: “Trance,” “meditation,” and “hypnosis.” (min. 25 words per definition, dictionary definition does not count toward final word count.) Trance is an altered state of consciousness.  It is a mental and physical state that is different than the normal state we as humans function in most of the […]

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