Who are the Creatives?

When you hear the term “creative” who immediately springs to mind? A famous musician, artist, or author basking in the limelight and spending their millions and millions of dollars? The stereotypical starving artist eating beans and cheap ramen noodles struggling to survive as they pour their souls into their latest project in the hopes of making it big?

These two extremes are how most people think of Creatives. The truth is much more common…and fantastic.

A Creative is someone who creates. Yeah, I know. Way to define a word with the word.
So what does it mean to create?
               According to Merriam-Webster “to create” means:
                     • To bring into existence
                     • To produce or bring about a course of action or behavior
                     • To produce thru imaginative skill
                     • To make or bring into existence something new.

The really cool truth is that all humans are inherently creative. We all have the urge and drive to make things. We look for new ways to do things and unusual ways to repurpose things we already have.

          * Have you ever taken an old recipe and modified it for the ingredients you have on                 hand?
         *Have you ever figured out a unique way to solve an issue you are having?
         *Have you ever made someone a gift?
         *Have you ever dreamed?
         *Have you set goals and imagined what it would be like to achieve those goals?

Congratulations! YOU are a Creative.

Creatives are not just artists, authors, poets, and musicians.

           *They are parents searching for a way to wrap Christmas presents without their                      kids seeing them.
           *They are computer programmers looking for elegant solutions to a coding bug.
           *They are scientists formulating new hypotheses related to how the world works.
           *They are managers creating new processes to increase efficiency while doing                        their best to keep their employees motivated and happy.
            *They are crafters and woodworkers who see incredible things in a skein of yarn, a                 hunk of wood, or any number of other raw materials.
             *And they are artists, poets, authors, and musicians.

Bottom line: We are all Creatives of some sort so claim the title and wear it fearlessly.


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