“Training of the Mind” by Anada Mettya – Commentary

I recently read "Training of the Mind" by Anada Mettya aka Allen Bennett. Meditation and Mental Discipline is a hot topic right now and there is a lot of info out there: both good and, well...not so much. This piece was written in 1908, but holds up remarkably well. What follows is my commentary on... Continue Reading →

What is Will

"Will" is one of those small words that can have a tremendous impact on our creative lives. It is a mere four letters long with only three unique characters. This simplicity belies the richness of its meaning.                  • It can be a noun or a verb   ... Continue Reading →

Who are the Creatives?

When you hear the term "creative" who immediately springs to mind? A famous musician, artist, or author basking in the limelight and spending their millions and millions of dollars? The stereotypical starving artist eating beans and cheap ramen noodles struggling to survive as they pour their souls into their latest project in the hopes of... Continue Reading →

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