Musing on Magic 1

What is Magic?

  • Is it a psychological tool to help focus on a goal?
  • Is it calling upon your ancestors for help and support?
  • Is it petitioning a deity or deities to aid you in accomplishing some goal?
  • Is it the ability to look forward and see signposts and obstacles to be heeded or overcome?
  • Is it the laying of rocks in patterns?
  • Is it gazing at the moon?
  • Is it watching the patterns of stars and planets?
  • Is it the mixing of herbs for teas and tinctures?
  • Is it the summoning of beings from beyond this realm to do your bidding?
  • Is it sitting beneath a tree on a windy day and listening for messages in the rustling of the leaves?
  • Is it staring into a fire with the hope of unlocking hidden knowledge?
  • Is it the turning of the forces of nature?
  • Is it lighting a candle and reciting prayers?
  • Is it standing on a beach in awe and letting the primordial power of the ocean thrum through you with every breaking wave?
  • Is it imagining yourself the soaring eagle, riding the thermals and swooping after prey?
  • Is it robes and candlelight and chanting of strange words?
  • Is it dancing and laughing with those you love?
  • Is it talking and debating about lore and theology and philosophy with others of a like mind?
  • Is it writing meaningful words in a journal?
  • Is it the feeling of deep connection with someone you just met?
  • Is it carving symbols in wax or wood?
  • Is it allowing yourself to be open to the experiences of life and the emotions that come with it?
  • Is it preparing food and drink with love and caring?
  • Is it ancient books and formulas applied in precise manners?
  • Is it using strange and unusual signs and sigils?

The answer, dear friends, is YES.

The act of magic — or magick — is something that, when you get down to brass tacks, depends completely on the practitioner.

Are there traditional correspondences and formulas that resonate with a lot of people and that work more often than not?

Sure, there are, otherwise books of formulas, correspondences, and instructions would not be so popular.

Keep in mind, however, that while formularies, manuals, and other books are great references (and certainly a great to learn or reinforce the basics) you shouldn’t get too hung up on having to “do it by the book” nor should you get upset if a certain correspondence or formula does not produce the exact result that it has for others.

Though we may be more similar than different, we are all individuals with our own experiences and preferences and those things may (and probably will) cause things to work a bit differently for each of us.

Don’t get paralyzed by this! 

It is better to do  and fail then learn and improve and do it again than to wait until everything is perfect.  There is no perfect time.  There is no perfect place and there are certainly no perfect circumstances.  The important part is DOING!!

Unfortunately, there are those that will proclaim that their way is the only legitimate way and if you are not doing exactly as they do you are, at best wrong, and , at worst, in mortal danger.

While it is always a good practice to have a healthy respect for things and forces unknown, I recommend patently ignoring the rantings and ravings of the magical fundamentalists.  No one has ownership of magic and its varied forms.  What I do may seem absurd to you and what you do may be ineffective for me.

Start with the basics.




Find what is right for YOU.


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