Away with the Unused Furniture!

After realising that I don’t actually use a lot of my furniture I decided to sell what I don’t use.

 Enter Facebook Marketplace.

I have had decent results thus far.  I have rid myself of 2 dressers, an armoire, and a small chest freezer.  The space that has opened up is fantastic and the extra money in my savings account isn’t bad either.

I have learned a few things in my short time selling on the Book of Face:

  1. Pictures are important.  Take a variety of clear pictures that truthfully represent what you are selling.
  2. Buyers will haggle.  Price your items appropriately but if you have an absolute minimum amount you will take either leave room for negotiation or make it very clear in the listing that the price is firm.
  3. Check buyer profiles.  This is one of the benefits of Facebook Marketplace.  You can check out the people buying from you.  Thankfully I have had no issues and the folks I have dealt with have been great but doing due diligence is always a good idea.
  4. Cash is King!  I don’t take checks.  Period.  Cash is my preference but I do offer PayPal as a payment method.  Once again, most people are honest folk, but you don’t want to be caught without the item you are selling OR the money owned,
  5. Never count on the sale until the item is picked up and money is in hand.  I have had to re-list a couple of items because the buyer decided that they didn’t actually want the piece.  Each time I had to follow up with the buyer and ask specifically if they were still interested.  Life happens and people change their minds so make sure you get confirmation and if they keep rescheduling or just don’t communicate ask them flat out if they are still interested.  If they aren’t, re-list.  More likely than not, there is someone else in your area that wants or needs the item you are selling.

Well, onto the Kitchen!  Happy decluttering and good luck with your own projects!


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