Every once in a while I look around my place, shake my head and think “Wow I have way too much stuff.”  Invariably I start to sort, get a bit overwhelmed — ok — I find lots of cool things and never get around to the Grand Purge.

I come from a long line of collectors.  My Grandpa Brooks collected all things mechanical and electrical.  My Grandpa Chuck collected train stuff.  I collect books, pretty rocks, and art supplies.  The thing is I never end up using a lot of it, or at least no to the extent that I thought I would and so, not wanting to get rid of a perfectly good thingamajig, I set it aside in a safe place “just in case”.

Recently I realized that “Just in Case” rarely, if ever, shows up.  I mean come on, is there really going to be  a run on drawing pencils and physics books?  Umm…No.  So why do I have all this stuff??

Security – The comfort of not having to do without – Not being able to control my inner 5 year old who wants all the shiny things?  Yes to all!

Well, it is time to Purge.  Spring is (almost) upon us which makes this an auspicious time to Deep Clean and Simplify.

Before you can let the new in, you have to toss out the old.

To that end I am beginning a journey of simplification.  I am evaluating the “Stuff” and getting rid of the things that I no longer use.  Maybe they will be just what someone else has been looking for!

So the Downsizing and Simplification has begun.  I have a feeling that my place will be in a state of “worse before it gets better”  for a little bit but the chaos will be worth it in the end.


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