ADF Dedicant Path Documentation – The Nine Virtues – Perserverance


“Drive; the motivation to pursue goals even with that pursuit becomes difficult.” – Our Own Druidry

 “Steady persistence in a course of action, a purpose, a state, etc., especially in spite of difficulties, obstacles, or discouragement.” –

Perseverance is the ability to push through the obstacles that inevitably arise in life as you are working towards a goal.  It seems that people want to go forward only when the way is clear and goals can be accomplished with little to no effort.  This is easy, but does not allow for growth or for full potentials to be reached.  If you never push through obstacles, you will never figure out what you are truly capable of.  If you stop when things get difficult you will never know what is possible.  A person with perseverance will push through even though they may have to slow down or change tactics, but they do not give up just because things are difficult.  When I was a power lifter I would often hear other people say they couldn’t use correct form during a lift because it made things more difficult.  The incorrect technique was a lot easier, but , at best, they would not get the results they were looking for, at worst, they could be seriously injured all because they were looking for the easiest way.  When they would complain directly to me that something was hard, I would respond by saying “Things that are worth it usually are.”

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