ADF Dedicant Path Documentation – The Nine Virtues – How They Interweave with One Another


It takes Courage to admit you don’t know something and risk appearing unintelligent in order to ask questions that will allow you to gain knowledge that will, if applied correctly, lead to Wisdom.  Gaining Wisdom takes time and effort.  You must Persevere though set backs and slow periods of growth.  Integrity represents the “right” part of the right application of knowledge.  Moderation is needed to balance intellectual pursuits and physical pursuits.  You don’t want to sacrifice one for the other.  Fertility insures a rich mind where gained knowledge may grow into wisdom.  Finally, Hospitality speaks to the teacher – student relationship.  The truly wise will not only teach their students, but learn from them.


You must have Courage to perform correct acts even though they may be unpopular.  It takes Perseverance to keep traditional rituals and other practices even when things go wrong or you simply don’t want to perform rites or devotions. Integrity reminds you to do the right things and keep promises made to yourself, deity and the community as a whole.  Moderation balances acts and beliefs.  Fertility won’t let actions stagnate and will aid in keeping traditions and rituals fresh and relevant.  Hospitality reminds you to invite curiosity by others about your traditions and be willing to explore theirs.


A Visionary must dare to dream and share those dreams with others.  These can require a tremendous amount of Courage.  Perseverance enables you keep working at your dreams even though others may think they are impossible or when you run into stumbling blocks.  Integrity keeps Vision grounded and asks what dreams honor yourself and community versus what would harms or go against your and their best interests.  Moderation balances dreams and reality. You can have your head in the clouds but your feet also need to be on the earth.  Vision requires Fertility in order to produce and nurture new ideas.  The Visionary mind is always growing.  Hospitality invites the sharing of ideas with others and accepting other’s suggestions in order to build the best vision possible.


Wisdom enables you to know the difference between rashness and bravery.  Piety ensures that all actions taken honor deity and community.  Vision allows you to find ways to overcome fear without being reckless or endangering others.  Moderation allows you to balance bravery and recklessness.  Fertility will allow products of the mind grow even in harsh conditions.  Hospitality encourages you to open yourself to others.  This requires giving up some control and having the courage to trust others.


Wisdom helps you discern what goals to stick with and when to stick with them.  Piety asks why you are sticking with goal and makes sure the actions required are proper and in line with promises made to deity and community. Although the way may be blocked, Vision enables you to see other ways to continue forward.  Moderation balances stubbornness and fortitude.  Fertility opens your mind to grow new ways of looking at problems and create new ways of moving forward.  Hospitality gives you the opportunity to look to relationships for support.  Someone may be able to offer advice to you now and in turn, your struggle may help someone else through theirs.


Wisdom leads to knowing the principals you adhere to and why.  Piety reinforces beliefs with correct acts.  Vision enables you to see how acts and beliefs affect others as well as the future consequences of those acts.  Moderation buffers Integrity and keeps it from becoming dictatorial.  Fertility allows you to create new ways of maintaining your Integrity even when tempted to give in.  Hospitality ensures that you look at the affects of your principals on the people around you.


It takes Courage to say no when needed and choose moderately even though you may be pushed to extremes.  Perseverance is required to triumph through repeated temptation.  Integrity can be fueled by moderation and the need to stay in balance according to your beliefs.  Wisdom allows you to know when you are in or out of balance and what can be done to re-balance yourself.  Piety ensures that you are taking the correct steps to maintain your balance.  Vision enables you to see beyond here and now and past instant gratification.


It takes Courage to let ideas grow even when they are unpopular.  Perseverance is requires when working though bad growing seasons or situations like writers block.  Integrity reminds you to create that which best serves yourself and the community.  It directs the use of fertility.  Wisdom enables you to know what to grow and how to support that growth.  Piety ensures that you are acting correctly to ensure best results or harvest.  Vision allows you to see the way many factors have to be integrated or over come in order to have the best results.


Courage is shown in the willingness to open yourself up to relationships.  Perseverance is required to keep working at those relationships even though things might not turn out as planned.  Integrity ensures that relationships are built on firm foundations of trust and respect and not with those whose integrity you question.  Wisdom enables you discern when a host or a guest is fostering or taking advantage of the relationship thus allowing you to make an appropriate response.  Piety ensures that you act appropriately within relationships.  You should not always give or always take.  Vision allows you to see the long term benefits for all parties in the relationship.

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