ADF Dedicant Path Documentation – Dedicant Oath Ritual – Performed at Chrysalis Moon 2014

Pre-Ritual Briefing


Celebrants line up to process to ritual area.

“You have not arrived here by chance.  You put yourself on this path long ago and tonight we will walk some of it together.  Welcome to this dedication rite.”



Asperge celebrants with water as they enter the ritual space.

Offering to the Outdwellers

To those that would work against our purposes we offer this whiskey.  Take of it and trouble not our rite.  At this time we each look within ourselves and set aside any unhelpful and disruptive influences.

Two Powers Meditation

Have celebrants join hands.  Lead meditation to ground, center and form the grove.

Honor the Earth Mother

The Earth sustains and nurtures us all.  She is the source of life and the final resting place of our dead.  She gives us shelter, food, and entertainment.  For this we honor her now and always.

Earth Mother, accept our offering!

All: Earth Mother Accept our offering.

Spirit of Inspiration

Inspiration is an ethereal thing.  Just as we thing we have a hold of it, it flees from our grasp.  It is only in those times of surrender and openness that we can tap into the source of inspiration.  The Welsh called it Awen.  It means flowing spirit.   Let us chant awen together that our tongues and imaginations be blessed with inspiration this evening.

Everyone chants Awen 3X

Fire, Well and Tree

Well: (Put a coin into the well)

We honor the sacred well.

Waters that dive to the depths of the earth.

Waters that flow to every corner of the universe

Waters that carry knowledge and wisdom of the ages.

Accept our offering and let us know the depths of wisdom that flow within ourselves.

Sacred well, flow within us.

All: Sacred well, flow within us!

Fire: (Pour a bit of oil onto the fire)

We honor the sacred fire.

Flames that consume and transform

Flames that warm and illuminate.

Flames that spark all of creation.

Accept our offering and let the flames warm our spirits and our lives.

Sacred Fire, burn within us!

All: Sacred fire, burn within us!

Tree: Pour a bit of water onto the tree

We honor the sacred tree.

Branches that reach to the highest peaks of the universe.

Roots that reach through the depths of creation.

Trunk that stands firm and strong, joining the heights and the depths.

Accept our offering and let us be deepened by your depths, raised to your heights , and strengthened by your strength.

Sacred tree, grow within us.

All: Sacred tree, grow within us!

Amber Opens the Gates

Kindred Offerings

Ancestors – Whiskey

We call out to our ancestors, to all that have gone before.

Those of our own blood

Those that we honor and hold dear.

Those who made this land their ancient home.

We offer you welcome and a place at our fire.

Ancestors accept our offering and be with us tonight.

All: Ancestors be with us tonight.

Nature Spirits– Birdseed

We call to the spirits of the land.

Those of the rocks, streams, and earth

Those of the tree, herb and flower

Those of fur, feather and scale

We offer you welcome and a place at our fire.

Nature Spirits accept our offering and be with us tonight.

All: Nature spirits be with is tonight.

Deities– Honey

We call to the Shining Ones.

To the gods and goddesses of this land

To the patrons and matrons of those present at this rite

To all the gods and goddesses known and unknown

We offer you welcome and a place at our fire.

Shining Ones accept our offering and be with us tonight.

All: Shining ones be with us tonight.

Patrons – Various offerings

Tonight the Diety of the Occasion are my personal patrons. Those from the other realms that I feel the closed to and interact most strongly with.



My Grandma Pat. Though our beliefs were very different, she taught me the value of good works and led a truly pious life. She acted in accordance with her beliefs every day and did so joyously.

My Grandma Joy. A Short and feisty woman if there ever was one. She reminds me that you can stand up for yourself and still be loving. The two are not mutually exclusive.

My Grandpa Brooks. Quiet wisdom and Humor coupled with practical creativity. If he couldn’t fixit no once could! He taught ne the value of looking at things a little differently and finding the hidden humor in all situations.

Grandparents, we offer you a place of honor at our fire. Be with us tonight.

Nature Spirits


I was recently adopted by dragons. I personally thought I was going absolutely insane, but no, it really happened. They have taught me to fly and defend and that I am never alone. They offer healing, and a bit of Sassyness every now and again. I invite ACE, Cassandra and Healer Blue to join the celebrations.

Dragons, we offer you a place of honor at our fire. Be with us tonight.

Shining Ones

I seem to have gathered quite a few patrons along the way. There was a time I didn’t think I would have any but oh how wrong I was.

Brigit – The first to reveal herself. Creative, Inspiration, Healer and Craftsman. I see myself reflected in you. Your fire burns deep within me.

Herne – Lord of the Wild Hunt. You lead me to drop my inhibitions and take risks. To go for things that may seem to be out of reach. I have learned to take chances insteadof sitting back and waiting for what may happen. Your passion encompasses me.

Morrigan – From you I have learned that darkness is not equated with negativity. It can be a source of power and transformation. You must deal with your shadows to truly become who you are. Your power and shadows dance within me.

Key Offering — Dedicant Oath

Amber makes Dedicant Oath and then burns an illuminated copy of the Oath as the Key offering.

Dedicant Oath

I Amber, Avelyn, Ferrebee come before friends, family and community and before the open gates that my voice and the oath it carries resonate from my lips and heart to the kindred throughout the three realms as well as the three worlds of this, the middle realm.

I Amber, Avelyn Ferrebee do swear that it is my will to walk the Pagan path of Druidry.

I vow to honor the cycle of the seasons by keeping the eight high day celebrations.

I vow to continue my quest for knowledge and wisdom and to pass it on to sincere seekers.

I vow to forgive myself and continue moving forward should I stumble along the path.

Before all the powers and especially before my Patrons Brigid, Herne and Morrigan I swear it.

May the three worlds rise against me if I am foresworn. So Be It!

Now let my voice arise on the fire, let my voice resound in the well, let my words pass the boundary to the spirits.

Mightly, Noble, and shining Ones accept my sacrifice and my oath. (Put copy of oath into the fire and watch it burn).


We have made offerings to the Kindred and our Patrons. Let us now draw the Oghams to see what blessings they have for us.

Draw Oghams and interpret.

We have given our offerings to the Kindreds and the Patron deities of this rite, now we ask for them to return the blessings to us according to the ancient rules of hospitality.

Do you wish to receive the waters of life?

Response: It is!

Behold the Waters of Life

Response: Behold the waters of life

We give this first to those that cannot be with us tonight.

As you receive the waters, think about how the blessing outlined in the ogham applies to your life and imagine taking that blessing into yourself.


The mighty ones have blessed us. With joy in our hearts let us carry the magic from this sacred space into our lives and work. So now as we prepare to depart let us give thanks to those who have aided us.

Grandma Pat, Grandma Joy, Grandpa Brooks, Ace, Cassandra, Healer Blue, Brigid, Herne and Morrigan, as this rite is ending we give you this gift in parting. It is given out of love with nothing asked in return. Patrons, we thank you!

All: We thank you

Gods and Goddesses, as this rite is ending, we give you this gift in parting.  It is given out of love, with nothing asked in return. Gods and Goddesses, We thank you!”

All: We thank you!

Spirits of the land, as this rite is ending, we give you this gift in parting. It is given out of love, with nothing asked in return. Nature Spirits, We thank you!”

All: We thank you!

Ancestors, as this rite is ending, we give you this gift in parting.  It is given out of love, with nothing asked in return. Ancestors, We thank you!”

All: We thank you!

Amber Closes the Gates

Earth Mother, as this rite is ending, we give you this gift in parting. It is given out of love, with nothing asked in return. Earth Mother, we thank you!

All: Earth Mother we thank you!

Unwind the Two Powers Meditation

Closing Thanks and Blessing to the Celebrants.


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