ADF Dedicant Path Documentation – Dedicant Oath Rite Review

I performed my Dedicant Oath Rite at Chrysalis Moon on July 12, 2014.  When I first started thinking about when and where I wanted to perform the ceremony, I knew that I did not want to do it alone.  I felt it was something that I should do with people that were important to me as well as in front of the members of the pagan community.   My pagan tribe is fairly spread out but I knew that most of them would be attending Chrysalis Moon so I contacted the organizers and they put me on the schedule.

Chrysalis Moon is held at Tippecanoe River State Park and serves as a perfect environment for this rite.  The camp side is surrounded by wooded areas with all sorts of birds and wildlife activity.  The trees provide shade and shelter from the weather where the classes and rituals were held which allowed a “rain or shine” policy.  I admit I was more than a little nervous.  My anxiety level peaked a few days before the event, but I calmed myself down by reassuring myself that I had done several core order rituals in the past and that I would be fine.  In the past, I did parts of the rite, but mainly directed and made sure the elements of the ritual were flowing as they should.  This was the first one I had done the majority of speaking for as well as directed the flow of the ritual.

The day of the Dedicant Oath Rite started with rain.  As long as it didn’t rain hard enough to prevent us having a ritual fire, I was ok and the skies did clear after a few hours.  I treated myself to a massage to ease some of the nerves and jitters.

I do wish I had given myself an hour and a half to two hours for prep and my pre-ritual shower instead of an hour.  I didn’t want to be standing around waiting and thinking too much, but an hour cut it a little close.

Overall the ritual went very well.  I had friends help out with asperging and the Outdweller’s offering as well as delivering the Waters of Life to the celebrants.  They did a spectacular job.

I was honored to have Lucinda and Corirose Anjali on drums for the procession and Two Powers meditation.  They were two of the presenters at the festival and both brought amazing energy.  I am honored that they agreed to drum for my rite.

Drum honored the Earth Mother and relayed the Omen.  It is always a pleasure to work with him.

I wanted to do as much of the rite extemporaneously as I could, but I did have a copy of it in a folder on the altar for reference.  I read the script for honoring the Fire, Well and Tree, but I believe I did it in such a way that it didn’t sound too scripted or robotic.  The rest of the time I referred to the script to make sure I wasn’t forgetting anything, but spoke as the spirit(s) moved.

Other than Drum and I, there were only 2 people that had any repeated experience with ADF core order ritual, so I tried to explain what was happening as the ritual progressed.  I think I can do a better job at this.  I gave them the basics, but think I could have explained more.  There is a delicate balance between too much exposition and not enough.  The ability to balance this will come with practice as I do more and more public rituals.

The gate opening was one of the best ones I have done.  I used “Fire, well and sacred tree, flame and flow and grow in me” as a chant leading up to the actual opening and I think that really made a difference.  I will continue to use a chant at this point for future rituals.

I had nine Beings of the Occasion and that part seemed to take forever, but each and every one were important to me and needed to be there.  I choked up a bit when asking my Grandparents to attend, but was still able to speak.  I felt kind of self conscious about the dragons. I’m still coming to terms with being open adopted by a clan.   I think that is because I thought I was going crazy when it happened and I still can’t believe it sometimes. Nevertheless, I called and they were there for me.

I read my oath off of an illustrated copy that I had created for the occasion.  I didn’t want to risk messing it up.  I stumbled a few times, but all in all, it went well.  I burned this copy as an offering.  It took longer to burn that I though it would so this led to a bit of a pause in the proceedings.  The omen was positive so the Kindred didn’t seem to mind my stumbles.

Drum drew and interpreted the Ogham for me.  The omen was as follows:

From the Ancestors:  Ailim, the gift of Foresight and Knowledge.  Even though the journey must still be taken, I can see a little bit of what awaits

From the Nature Spirits: Tinne speaks of Balance.  Remember to stay at balance with the Nature Spirits.

From the Shining Ones: Mor signifies the end of one major journey and the beginning of another.  Don’t be afraid to take the next step.

There was a point in the ritual that some children came near the ritual area and were being loud.  I tried to ignore them as best I could and just plugged away.  I figured stopping to “shush” them would cause more of an interruption that the original incident.  Eventually they quieted down.

I was exhausted but happy after this ritual.  I am pleased with the way it went overall and believe that I will continue to improve and smooth out the rough edges as I progress.  The text of the ritual script including the Dedicant Oath follows this write up.  If you would like to see the video of the rite, it is available in You Tube.  The camera inexplicable stopped at one point so it is in two parts.


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