ADF Dedicant Documentation – Book Review – Home Shrine

My home shrine has already gone through a few variations in the last year, but here is the most recent set up.

This is the space where I do meditation, devotions, yoga, and solitary ritual.  I created a grove in the front of my apartment by taking terra cotta pots, filling them with floral foam and then arranging branches from various trees in each one.  The branches and twigs, other than the curly willow, are from places that are special to me.  Some of them are from my Mom and Step-dad’s woods, others are from by Grandparent’s woods in West Virginia.  There are also a few branches that I have gathered on walks here and there as well as from festivals I have attended.  I keep my djembe and Green Man drum in this area as well as a plaque I created that has the following quote from Albert Einstein written on it; ”Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better”.  The walls have pastel paintings of representations of the four classical elements, a ceramic plaque of a Green Woman/Earth Goddess, and a colored pencil drawing of a Sun God figure.  I created all of the artwork in the space.  I also hung a set of wind chimes that was given to me as a housewarming gift.

The altar itself contains a blue ceramic bowl I use as a well, A triple candle holder made out of recycled copper piping that I use as a fire, and a terra cotta pot filled with river rocks that has a few small branches sticking out of it that I use for my tree.  The decorations on the tree change with the seasons.  Near the hallows are a silver coin, oil, and a small container of water.  I keep a libation bowl in the middle of the three hallows. I also have a rock, sea shell, and feather to represent Land, Sea, and Sky.  The altar is on the top of a hand-me-down microwave cabinet.  I place the altar on the very top. Frequently used articles like a bell, my ogham, and a few decorative pieces reside on the middle part of the cabinet.  The lower portion contains candles, herbs and other basic supplies.  The cloth and incidentals change with the seasons.

I would like to get a different offering bowl and eventually put small alters on my front and back porches.  I also would like to create pastel paintings to represent Land, Sea, Sky and the Three Hallows. I am sure that the set up will change as I do or as I run across altar pieces that truly speak to me.


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